Our production is set during one of these visits of the King while at the same time a new war with Ethiopia erupts.

During the 3 hours of the journey the audience will be captivated by how a triangular love-story unfolds. The Kings daughter, Amneris, is in love with the young general Radames. Radames is in love with Aida, one of the slaves of Amneris, taken prisoner in an earlier war between Egypt and Ethiopia. Unknown to Radames or Amneris is the fact that Aida is the daughter of the king of Ethiopia.

Radames returns a hero from the victoriously won war with Ethiopia. He brings not only gold and other valuables, but also new slaves. One of them, disguised as a peasant, is the king of Ethiopia, Amonasro, the father of Aida. Aida and Radames both have to choose between betraying their fatherland or their love.

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